With the “München Academic Ski Club” in winter 1905 ski instructors from Norway came to Bayrischzell, on the Tannerfeld, the Utzfeld and the Kreuzkogel to give the first ski courses in Upper Bavaria. 130 skiers took part in these ski courses and were so inspired by this new sport. In the following years the interest for this new sport grow more and more, after the building of the railway line to Bayrischzell in year 1911. The rush of ski Bunnies and Rabbits was so great that had to lay on extra trains.




The ” Three Leaf Clover” represents the three founder’s of the ski school because together they had international success with national and international ski competitions. In year 1922 Fritz Pellkofer, Gustl Müller and “Han” Bauer foundet the “Ski School Bayrischzell” and after that were able to have friend Wastl Bucher and Konrad Simmerl as ski instructors.





At the Winter Olympics 1928 in Sankt Moritz there were 4 ski instructors of the “Ski School Bayrischzell” members of of the German team. An event that no other ski village in the world could equal. The Olympic motto expressed by Sir Baron de Coubertin, “not to win but to take part is important”, has encouraged our Athlets to further achievments. The “Four Leaf Clover” brought in the next vew years many Titels and Trophie’s back home. Uunder them were 5 Bavarian, 3 German champoinships, one Tirolean and one Hungary championship. At the Olympic Winter Games 1936 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Fritz Pellkofer, landlord of the guest house “Rote Wand” in Geitau, was the captain of the German team.




With the complition of the Chairlift up the Sudelfeld in year 1949 began the big boom of winter Tourism’s and Ski Sports. The ski instructors which returned from the Second World War rebuilt the ski school again and also supported the foundation of the German Instructor Assosiation. They improved the ski technik which was started by the “Ski School Bayrischzell” and continously shaped by their successor’s.